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Welcome to Village Church Community
We believe the greatest joy and privilege here on earth is to shepherd a non-believer into the family of God. Through an affirming process of preaching, teaching and leadership development, our mission is to grow a new convert from simply being a new believer to being a mature disciple of Jesus Christ. And then to launch that disciple into missions and watch him or her penetrate the world and make an eternal difference for the kingdom of God.

Such a wonderful ministry given to us by God has a joy that is and becomes contagious. It produces love, connectedness, unity and service. Real ministry puts smiles on the faces of the saints, both young and old. Youth will find church fun. Adults will see the power of God moving on their jobs, within their family and in their community. People on the outside begin to wonder what is going on at the church. They are amazed and drawn to the church because she is a light in the community. Wow!
In Village Community Church, we firmly and strongly believe that “nothing is too difficult for God” to handle.  For this reason, we focus on building strong families and relationships through “one another-ing “ as (Galatians 6:9-10) the cornerstone of the Church..
  The world we know today, for so many people, is filled with tension, conflict, weariness, loneliness, bitterness, strife, abuses, lack, abject poverty, and suffering.  All these social vices have become commonplace in every community. Christ Jesus offers hope, peace, and reconciliation, not counting our sins against us. But instead, He offers everyone a fresh start in life through His Church.  In VCC, we have taken up the charge as ambassadors of Christ, to use our gifts as tools to reconcile the world back to God. II Corinthians 5:18-20  
Village Community Church Youth Ministry (VCCYM) seeks to help the youth identify their God-given talents by sharing their gifts, growing in life skills, developing a positive self-image, and overcoming societal prejudices that often hinder the optimal use of their skills. Our goal is to assist the youth
  develop respect for differences, serve those in need, and foster social change based on balanced biblical principles that promote Christian values among their peers.

VCC Youth Ministry provides the youth with church-wide ministry that offers variety of opportunities and positive experiences that draw teens into active, responsible participation in the life, mission, and services to the community they live in.
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